Georgia Grace Collaboration Triumphantly Connecting Homeowners With The Best Custom Home Builders in Houston, TX

Georgia Grace Collaboration Triumphantly Connecting Homeowners With The Best Custom Home Builders in Houston, TX

“Patricia, do you agree?” - is what my clients often asked me.

And for the longest time, I thought to myself, “Who am I to give them a contradicting opinion?”

But after being in the industry for almost ten years, I realized that in actual fact, my opinion holds immense value for you as my client. Why? Because my focus is on protecting your investment. Those years of early mornings, late nights, hard labor, practical action, true passion and years of on-hand home building experience have all taught me how to do, well, just that.

Hello, my name is Patricia Sims. Now that I have your attention, I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the story behind Georgia Grace Collaboration, my home building enterprise in Houston, Texas, constructed with true client transparency at its forefront.

A Brief History

I graduated from the University of Houston in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Construction Management. It wasn’t the most popular career choice back then - and still isn’t - but becoming a construction manager (or, more specifically, a client advocate) is something that I always wanted to do. For me, building a home was like solving the most puzzling puzzle - a minuscule, yet satisfying victory. So, for me, houses were my way of doing that, on a much greater scale.

Whilst I was still at school, I landed a position at a commercial construction company here in Houston. I worked on high-end projects with luxury finishes and built a strong portfolio doing so. Although I loved this work, in 2018 I decided to shift into residential building. I transitioned for several reasons, one being that building homes was a lot more personal than building for a corporation. Building homes brought me the experience of working directly with someone who would be impacted by my work, on a personal level - something that still continues to motivate me to this day.

So, finally, I was doing exactly what I loved and my clients were over the moon with my work too but there was still just one thing missing - I couldn’t be candid with my clients.

No. I wasn’t lying to them; I just couldn’t speak my mind if that meant disagreeing with my superior.

I continued working in this same company for 3 years - until I decided to turn things around for myself and my clients. That’s when the seed for Georgia Grace Collaboration was planted.

Revolutionizing Custom Home Building in Texas

Georgia Grace Collaboration is a progressive home building enterprise, passionate about empowering you by providing sound advice regarding your Custom Home Building in Texas.

Georgia Grace Collaboration is a progressive home building enterprise, passionate about empowering you by providing sound advice regarding your home construction or renovation. The best part about allowing me to guide you on this venture is that I get to offer you an outside perspective during the home building process without that internal struggle.

What To Expect From Hiring a Home Building Consultant in Houston from Georgia Grace Collaboration?

House construction or renovation is a perplexing process with an overwhelming amount of detail to take care of. Dealing with all the parties involved is hard, especially when you feel you can’t trust them entirely. Many home builders in Houston like to say they’re the homeowners’ advocates, but that’s not really true. When a builder realizes they’ve made a mistake during the bidding phase, I can assure you they will be quick to hide that mistake one way or another. There is no way a builder will eat that cost, in actual fact, they will often bury it amongst other expenses - at the cost of you.

Having been on the other side of the table (as a builder), I saw firsthand how homeowners could feel alone, confused, and like no one was on their side during their home building journey - that’s what needed to change and where Georgia Grace Collaboration comes into play.

From award-winning architects to the best custom home builders in Houston, as a well-connected person in the industry, I have all the key players in my back pocket to make your dreams happen. And as your first point of contact, I will walk you through the whole process, from buying your land or home right up until the builder turns over the keys.

I will help you connect with a realtor to sell or buy your existing/future home or lot, the architect that will produce the drawings to meet your manifestations, the interior designer to give your house life, and the builder to execute on the architect’s, interior designer's and most importantly, your vision.

Trust me when I say that I know it's an overwhelming start, that’s why Georgia Grace Collaboration is here to help you feel understood and validated, to guide you through the entire process, with ease.

What Makes Us Unique?

Patricia Sims - Home Building Consultant in Houston is pictured with leading interior designer Farrah Gandhi outside her custom-built home.

Georgia Grace Collaboration’s methods are unique in the sense that we follow a shoulder-to-shoulder approach to working with you. As your construction advocate, I’ll sit next to you during meetings, and speak up on your behalf. I’ll point out the wrongs, coverups, and unnecessary charges, without any hesitation, and question the things that don't make any sense. I’ll get the builders to actually explain the “why’s”, instead of you just needing to “take their word for it”. So, in other words, I’ll become your true advocate - the one without the hidden agenda, and most importantly, you’ll get the very best.

If you have any doubts along the way, I’ll do the research myself or otherwise contact other experts on your behalf to confirm or deny any hesitations. I don’t claim to know everything but I’m always eager to find the logic behind every decision and directly action it to ensure your complete satisfaction.

From start to finish, I am there for you, to save you from the time, confusion, and utter chaos that can and sometimes does unfold during renovation or home building. Trust me to get to the nitty-gritty of renovation and construction - with all the parties involved. Trust me to get my hands dirty and do all the fieldwork that’s required. Trust me to address all of your concerns and hesitations, so that you can sit back and relax, knowing an advocate you trust has everything under control throughout the whole process.

Final Words

Georgia Grace Collaboration is something I have built from scratch, intending to help you turn your vision into a reality. The journey wasn’t easy, but seeing my clients satisfied and happy makes me believe the struggle was all worth it. Your satisfaction is our prize.

If you’ve made it this far, I want you to know that it’s a pleasure to have you alongside us. Let’s raise a virtual toast to the start of our exciting new journey and hope that we can lighten the load, simplify the process and be of exceptional service to you within your next home building venture.