Georgia Grace Collaboration is passionate about empowering our clients by providing sound advice, so you are confident making decisions during the construction of your home. Our priority is building lasting relationships with our clients and nurturing partnerships with expert builders and designers who share our passion for providing client satisfaction. Whether you’re planning a remodel or starting from the ground up, you can rest assured that we are on your side, at your side. We work shoulder to shoulder with you to ensure you have the right team in place and that your vision is completely integrated.

We help you navigate the homebuilding journey, from concept to completion. We ensure all professionals on your project are in alignment to achieve your design dreams and budget realities. Let us be your eyes and ears, anticipating and identifying any issues coming down the line. We advocate for you at every step along the way, turning big conversations into practical action.

Patricia Sims

Client Advocate

During my years as an employed builder, I learned that my true passion lay at the side of my clients—listening closely to what mattered most to them, and acting on their behalf. At times this was a difficult balancing act, as I also had to protect my builder’s interests. Since then I’ve shifted gears and now work with homeowners looking for an unbiased opinion. This gives me pure joy, as I am able to work closely with the construction team while being able to provide full transparency when asked for my genuine perspective.